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Large groundworks

This project involved undertaking large clearance, groundworks and a new lawn

This project involved project managing and undertaking the large clearance of 25 shrubs, 200 slabs and 60 tonnes of materials from a 60m garden. Using laser levels the ground was prepared and levelled in under three months from start to finish. A new lawn created from seed.

The customer Andy of Mortimer said "Smiths Landscapes carried out the following:
- Complete removal of old lawn/planting/shrubs in an area of around 20m x 70m
- Laying 80 tonnes of new soil to form the base for a new lawn, marking out new beds and sowing the new lawn
- Levelling and laying 6 different areas with a sub-base for brick/slab paved areas and pathways to be laid after

I had previously had a garden design drawn up and Jason worked to that plan, using whatever tools were required to get the job done (including digger/concrete breaker/dumper/laser level/etc.). There was a lot of hard labour plus tricky levelling work to ensure the paths/patios would ultimately drain properly.

The way Jason went about the work gave me a good amount of confidence that it would get done well, to plan and that is what happened. It's a big garden and a lot of work was done and it's turned out really well."



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