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We are happy to visit you in your garden if you are thinking of a change to give you some ideas and fresh inspiration. There is no obligation for you to have your garden designed or landscaped after this visit. At the end of the visit, if you feel a new design is right for you then we will arrange to return and survey your site.


This involves taking a variety of site measurements, talking to you in more detail about how you use your garden, what plants or colours you like and to get a feel for your existing garden and your future garden. We use these questions.



We can create a plan for your new garden, which we will present as drawings, layouts, mood boards and planting plans. To design a small garden costs between £500 and £700, a medium garden between £700 and £1,500 and a large garden between £1,500 and £5,000. Start the process by completing this form

When you are happy with the design, we will be able to give you an estimate of how much the garden will cost to build, including planting of trees, shrubs and plants. This will include any landscaping, building of patios or walls, fencing or pergolas, creating beds, laying lawns and more.



Landscaping costs vary per the design, the size of your garden, the quantity and size of plants, site access and the quality of materials used. Typical design and build projects range from £10,000 to £50,000+ depending on the scope of the project. 



Example Survey

Download our Example Survey

We offer a comprehensive survey and design service to clients with all projects

Example Design

Download our Example Design

We offer a comprehensive survey and design service to clients with all projects

Example Estimate

Download our Example Estimate

We provide a detailed estimate using m2 and
m3 rates based on industry databases. We charge 
a nominal fee to prepare estimates

Example Design with Planting Plan

Download our Example Planting Plan

We provide bespoke planting plans detailing named plants, size, quantities and positioning based on our garden survey and client requirements

Example Project Plan

We provide a real-time online view of the project plan being used by the project manager. Keep up to date with the progress of your project

Download our Example Project Plan

Example Mood Board

Download Example Mood Board

We provide Mood Boards showing graphic examples of the design

Example Construction Drawing

Download Example Construction Drawing

We provide Construction Drawings showing detailed elements required to construct the landscape such as steps or retaining walls

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